Easy Way To Stylishly Set Up Your Dinner Table For A Party

The last few years have brought about a renewed appreciation of spending quality time with our loved ones. After being stuck inside for a long time, people are choosing to spend whatever occasion they can with their close friends and family, and if there isn’t an occasion, a simple get together or dinner has become a reason to come together to celebrate.

Long gone are the days of partying at clubs, these days most people prefer to be at home among their close knit group of friends. The best part about being a host is letting your creativity flow freely and making your surroundings beautiful and welcoming. This means having to spend time looking for fun and aesthetic decor ideas. Here are a few simple but sophisticated dining table ideas that will make your table the hottest spot to be at. So if you are someone that loves to host parties at your place, bookmark this now!

Get the glow with candles

Out with the same old overhead lights and in with the classic vintage feel of candles. One of the best ways to set the tone for the evening and make your decor look stunning is to light up the dining table with some pretty candles placed on a runner through the length of the table. The candles will give your table a soft warm glow as opposed to harsh indoor lighting.

Use plants as props

Planning a day time get together or a brunch party with your friends? Bring out those mini pots and plants and place them on your dining table as centerpieces or dividers, depending on the table size. Adding plants to a table’s decor is a great way to keep it natural and simple but still get that pop of color and dimension. Use a neutral colored crockery set to make your plants stand out even more.

Personalized Place Settings

During a dinner party, having a specific seat assigned to you is the single most effective way to give each person the feeling that they are welcome and that they are being treated with special consideration. Swap the conventional tented card with a customized placemat that has the names of each of your guests instead. You may give it a more individual feel by creating it yourself or having each person’s name scrawled on it.

Have a theme

If most of the food on your dinner party menu is from one place or type of food, why not use that as a theme for the rest of the evening? From a French feast with fancy dishes to an American clam bake with individual “picnic baskets,” a themed scene can make any night feel like a celebration. A set theme can also reduce a lot of hassle for the planner as they have a specific direction to work on.

Let your food be the focus

Apart from enjoying each other’s company, most people go to dinner parties mostly for the food. By putting the feast in the middle of the table setting, you can make sure it gets the attention and praise it deserves. Keep the food presentation the highlight of your evening by acing the aesthetics. We bet your guests will be snapping insta-worthy pictures in no time!

Setting up a dinner table is a fun and creative process and not taking yourself too seriously will let you enjoy it even more. With these ideas, you can bring your friends and family together for an unforgettable meal and spend quality time with them.

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