How Important is a Graduation Cap Gown Tassel in Graduation?

Despite its importance, many graduates are still unsure about how to use their graduation cap gown tassel.

Symbol of success

The hood on a graduation cap is a symbol of success and should represent your highest degree in study. If you earned two degrees with the same ranking, you should wear the hood of the higher degree. The hood will also have a tassel; the tassel of the doctorate degree gown may be gold. The color of the regalia varies, but in general, the hood matches the gown color.

Tassels on a graduation cap are usually black and red or silver and red. Tassels in these colors symbolize success and inspiration. Symbolic colors such as silver and red may also be used to indicate hard work and dedication. The color forest green, on the other hand, represents determination and hard work. While these colors are commonly associated with success, some people prefer a color other than black to represent their accomplishments.

The colors of graduation stoles vary depending on the institution, but they generally represent honors, such as Dean’s List, President’s List, and Honors. Some schools use gold drapes to celebrate high GPAs or honor members of society. Black drapes are used for economics and business, while silver is used for medicine, math, and agriculture. For a more traditional look, you can wear a silver gown.

Graduation Gown


The tradition of wearing a graduation cap and gown goes back to the 12th and 13th centuries when university students and professors wore hoods as a sign of their status as clerics. This type of dress also provided added warmth in cold buildings and is a tradition that persists to this day. Throughout history, the tradition of wearing a cap and gown has evolved to incorporate many aspects of academic dress, including tassels and ties.

The tassel on a graduation cap is often a symbol of time spent as a student. As a graduate, the tassel is worn on the left side of the cap gown. However, this tradition can vary, and tassels can be found on both sides of the cap. In high school, the tassel is worn on the right side of the gown and is then moved to the left side after receiving the certificate.

While there is no universally-accepted position for tassels on a graduation cap gown, many institutions require candidates to wear them immediately before receiving their degrees. The tassel should be appropriate to the degree being conferred. Alternatively, if the candidate holds multiple degrees, it is acceptable to wear one tassel instead of wearing two or three. When choosing a tassel, remember to keep the gown color in mind.

Cleaning a tassel

Keeping your graduation cap gown tassel in great condition is an important step in celebrating your graduation. After all, you’ve worked hard to get your degree – from taking classes and essays to finishing exams. There’s no point in blowing it by not cleaning it properly. Luckily, it’s easy to clean these accessories. Follow these simple instructions to keep your graduation cap gown tassel in good condition.

To start, you should know that different materials require different cleaning methods. Some gowns are best dry-cleaned, while others can be machine-washed. However, be careful not to damage the tassel and graduation gown by over-washing them. It’s best to dry-clean your gown if you’re cleaning it for the first time. And never bend the tassel or any other part of your gown.

Afterward, you should hang your graduation cap gown in a dry place for a few hours. This will de-wrinkle the fabric. If you’re not able to hang it properly, you can iron it gently to remove creases. Make sure to use a towel between the gown and the iron to avoid mildew or insects from settling on your graduation cap gown. If you want to keep your graduation cap gown, be sure to store it in a plastic container with a lid.

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